The labour market situation has led to more and more people choosing to rent a home rather than buy one. This trend is not only influenced by the scarcity of economic resources to face such an acquisition, but also by the uncertainty and labour mobility that make renting the first alternative before buying for many people. As we have mentioned, although housing rents have increased in recent years, we are still far from the figures that characterize other countries in Europe where the majority of the population does not consider owning a house, but paying a monthly rent for it. In order to get the rental sector in first place, greater support is needed from public administrations, both in terms of aid and in the regulation of prices and conditions.

Main advantages of renting a flat

As a rule, one of the most important reasons for renting a flat is economic. Even if the monthly rent is not too different from a mortgage payment, the truth is that the initial expenses to rent a house are lower than those needed to buy a property. Similarly, the tenant does not normally have to assume the repair of a large part of the breakdowns that occur in the flat, nor the community spills or the Property Tax (IBI); something that represents a great saving. Living for rent allows you to live where you really want to. It is no longer just a matter of choosing the neighbourhood in the city that you like best, but rather, renting makes total geographical mobility possible. Since rental contracts are usually signed for a specific period, you can change your residence as often as you like as long as you give the owner some notice. Another advantage of renting a flat is the possibility of negotiating the price with the landlord to adjust the monthly expenditure and even look for another flat with a lower price that fits your personal budget. Renting a house offers more flexibility depending on the time of life you are going through. Thus, during the student period it is common to share a flat with other students, when you start working it is normal to look for a flat to live in alone and when you have a family you have to move to a more spacious home. Living in a rented flat also provides peace of mind, as the tenant does not have large debts and does not feel tied to a long-term mortgage. Renting a house offers the possibility of checking out the neighbourhood and the neighbourhood. In the case of not feeling comfortable in that environment, we can change the place of our residence without having to be anchored in the same place bearing its inconveniences. As you can see, the advantages of renting a flat are more than obvious, although whether you are renting or buying a home, it is always advisable to have a home insurance policy that will cover the unexpected events that can hinder your daily life.